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When you enter the room, before you say a single word, your look already speaks for you. In most cases people judge a book by its cover so to communicate the right things with your outfit and to become successful in your life it's important to pay attention to your appearance and details.


"Before you say a single word,
              your look already speaks for you"






One of the fundamental rules of a good style so to be dressed up appropriate to the situation. Even if shoes may seem a small detail of the outfit, they turn out to be the most important and powerful one because they can tell everything about your life – your social status, your work, your lifestyle, your habits and tastes. Just one look at the shoes can tell if there is an organized or a sloppy person in front of you, if he is ambitious or lethargic, if he cares about himself or not.

In this guide we will show that it’s not as difficult to choose the perfect men’s shoes for any occasion as you thought. Even if the style and color nuances of the shoes and the combinations to make with them can be confusing sometimes, there are just few basic rules that will make your choice much more secure and your life much easier.

You can look your best in any occasion without putting much effort if you make a wise shoes choice and have an elegant and versatile wardrobe at your disposal.

We will tell you how to create one and how to dress up for success!




Rules to remember: Right shoe can tell everything about your life


  • Your work
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your habits
  • Your taste

Guide Overview


Work - How to choose men's shoes for your working wardrobe
Job Interview - How to dress for a job interview to make a good impression
Important meeting - What to wear for an important business meeting
Everyday office hours - How to look and feel great at the office everyday
Business dinner - What to wear foar a business dinner
Casual Friday - What to wear on Casual Friday at the office









Leisure time - How to dress with style for your leisure time
Trends - What men's shoes are in style
Summer looks - How to choose the right shoe for your most relaxed summer looks
Fall-winter looks - How to complete your fall-winter wardrobe





Ceremony - What to wear to look fabulous at any ceremony
Special events- Is a great opportunity to wear your most sophisticated dress shoes
do you need to know which one?




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